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VD Ultra Hypoallergenic Insect Protein for dogs

20. April, 2022

Do you have a dog at home with a suspected food allergy? Calibra brings a unique veterinary diet with insect protein. This recipe with insects as a non-traditional type of protein is suitable for an elimination diet.

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Calibra veterinary diet with insect protein:

[#product-1608]SYMPTOM RELIEF COMPLEX – advanced combination for the alleviation
of clinical symptoms of food sensitivities

  • High level of Omega 3 (from algae, salmon oil, krill and linseed)
  • High level of vitamins & antioxidants
  • Biotin and organic minerals

Recommended use for:

  • Reduction of clinical symptoms (dermatological and gastrointestinal) of food sensitivities
  • Elimination diet
  • Nutritional management following an elimination diet

Does your dog suffer from food allergies?

Calibra UHIP pro www - skin - 3-22This means that their immune system is reacting negatively to one or more ingredients in their current food. Clinical signs of such a reaction include gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea) or skin conditions (inflammation or itchy skin, which can result in the development of secondary bacterial or yeast infections). To confirm a food allergy diagnosis, it is necessary to put the dog on an elimination diet.

Elimination diet

With an elimination diet, the most likely allergens are excluded from the dog’s food and their reaction to this diet is monitored. It is the most reliable and accurate approach. For an elimination diet, it is advisable to choose a specialized, preferably veterinary, food free of all common allergens.


Veterinary diet with insect protein

The Calibra VD Ultra Hypoallergenic Insect Protein veterinary diet contains no common protein sources. It‘s based on insect protein, which is a new and unknown protein for the immune system, and therefore allergies to it are virtually non-existent at present. It also does not contain any common animal source fats (chicken fat or lard), or any other animal source ingredients that improve palatability, such as hydrolyzed liver.

Calibra VD Ultra Hypoallergenic Insect Protein contains only special atypical and highly-controlled sources, which makes the recipe ideal for elimination diets.

This food is complete. It contains all the necessary nutrients for a dog – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Limited ingredient formula

  • Special protein sources – insect protein (30%) and krill protein (3%)
  • Selected carbohydrate source – rice starch
  • Coconut oil (8%) as an alternative to animal fat

Elimination diet – methodology:

  • The specialized food must be used for 6 to 8 weeks (with the specific length of time to be determined by the veterinarian).
  • While on the elimination diet, the dog MAY NOT eat anything else – no treats, no canned food, or any other food. Even one treat or a scrap from the table can RUIN the entire diagnostic process and force you to start over from the beginning. It is essential that every member of the family strictly follow this rule.
  • Relief from intestinal issues caused by allergies can take days, or in the case of skin issues, even months. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and therefore it takes longer to regenerate. The veterinarian can prescribe supportive therapies, such as bathing with the use of a special disinfecting shampoo.

shutterstock_729722002-BOnce the elimination diet has been completed, the veterinarian will conduct a challenge test to confirm the diagnosis by giving the dog his or her original food. If any of the clinical symptoms return, the food allergy
is confirmed, and a maintenance food must be found that the dog will tolerate and eat for the rest of his or her life. Without the challenge test, there can be no certainty that the dog is allergic, and the use of special diets in this case would be unnecessary and expensive.
There is no medicine for the treatment of food allergies. The allergens must be avoided for the rest of the animal‘s life and a special dietary regime adhered to.

Calibra offers the following options for dietary regime:

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