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Calibra Cat Verve

5. October, 2020

We are introducing the new grain free line of cat food with a high content of fresh meat


The cat is first and foremost a carnivore.

That’s what we like about them! They‘re natural carnivores. What does that mean? Their short digestive tracts are adapted for food that is rich in protein. Meat? Herbs? That’s what the diet of cats in the wild has looked like since time immemorial. And today‘s domestic felines are no different.


Grain-free food with a high content of fresh meat – the new Calibra Cat Verve line – fulfilling the feline food ideal. It therefore respects the natural feeding instincts of our long-domesticated, yet untamable pets.

Fresh meat gives Verve dry food an absolutely irresistible taste for our domestic carnivores.

Thanks to the natural composition, it’s also highly digestible for cats. Not to mention the enticing aroma and unique texture that your cat will find irresistible.

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For each of our grain-free recipes, we‘ve chosen beneficial functional additives, fine-tuned for the cats for whom the recipe is intended. We list this unique combination of three specially selected functional additives under the food’s benefits, designated as our Triple Active Formula.



We have 7 unique recipes for your pet - discover them here.

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