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20 years

Celebrate with us... feeding pets for 20 years!

We’re Calibra - a czech brand of dog and cat food. We love to come up with the best for pets. We’re veterinarians – but we’re also pet owners, and our pets inspire us every single day.


How did it all start?

We came up with the idea for our own brand of pet food in 2001. We had a clear vision – the primary focus would be on quality and on supporting the health and long life of pets in the company of their owners. And in 2004, we presented our first seven recipes of superpremium dry foods for dogs.


Calibra logo development


As time went on…

Over the years, Calibra has made significant strides. We’ve gradually expanded our original portfolio, focusing on veterinary diets, superpremium, and premium foods, and improved the recipes and product designs.
Calibra‘s finely-tuned recipes were always the result of many years of hard work by our team of leading nutritionists, veterinarians, and other experts in the field.


Calibra Life range development


Where is Calibra today?

Our broad portfolio has plenty to offer, and thanks to its high quality, it‘s a pleasure to choose. At Calibra we monitor the latest trends in animal nutrition on a global scale. Everything new, functional, and proven is taken into consideration in our product development. We on the Calibra team are proud of the fact that we currently export our products to almost every continent in the world.



Because we love them

At Calibra, we spend time with our pets both at work and outside the office. That’s why their health – and high-quality food – will always be our number one priority.
So we‘re celebrating the anniversary of the Calibra brand with more hard work. We‘re always coming up with something new – stay tuned!